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List price: $125.90

3 new available from $125.90.

Whirlpool Part Number JEA8200ADX: GRIDDLE- E...

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Whirlpool 4455525 Door Hinge

List price: $42.74

5 new available from $41.40.

This is a genuine replacement part. The model number and name for the following item is: Whirlpool 4455525 Door Hinge....

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Simply Automated US2-40 Custom Series Universal Dimming Transceiver Base

List price: $67.10

7 new & used available from $61.95.

ELEGANT LIGHTING CONTROL WITH NO NEW WIRES. The UPB Universal Dimmer Controller Base is a universal solution for UPB control throughout your home. With the ability to perform simple single rocker to multi-rocker/button functions, it is used in most any light control application. Control custom lighting scenes at the touch of a button in your living room, family room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, an...

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Simply Automated UMC-USB-W Custom Series Computer Interface Module (USB)

List price: $94.43

2 new available from $94.43.

These plug-in modules enable computer-based configuration and control of household lighting, appliances and other devices over the powerline using digital UPB commands. UPB devices can be freely located anywhere in the home. No additional wiring is required and no radio frequency signals are used. Module UMC receives and transmits UPB digital commands and converts these signals to a serial RS-232C...

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Vollrath (72090) Cayenne Nitro Power Food Warmer

List price: $363.90

7 new available from $363.90.

This cayenne nitro power model PC-21 rethermalizer have high-efficiency 1440-W elements that operates on standard 15-ampere circuit. Direct contact element concentrates energy directly into the well for maximum efficiency. Almost twice the water capacity of other countertop models, reducing need to refill the well as often. Holds with wet or dry heat and moist heat always recommended for best perf...

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Summit TTM7212DK Kitchen Cooking Range, Black

List price: $611.98

3 new available from $611.98.

The TTM7212DK is a black gas wall oven with electronic ignition and an oven broiler. Black glass construction on the door ensures durability and style. The unit is set for natural gas, but can be converted to LP without a kit. The oven door has a see-through glass door with light for the best view during baking. A digital clock with timer adds convenience. The interior is constructed from porcelai...

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Simply Automated ZPCI-W Universal Wired In Phase Coupler

List price: $69.95

3 new available from $70.63.

Are Universal Powerline Bus UPB controlled lights or appliances in one area of your house having trouble receiving signals from UPB transmitters in another area of the house? Because most homes have 2 phase 220V power that splits into two separate 110V legs, sometimes UPB signals have a hard time making the transition from one leg to the other. But connect the Wire in UPB Phase Coupler to a juncti...

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Simply Automated US1-40 Dimmer Base with Timer,

List price: $65.79

3 new available from $65.27.

INCLUDES BUILT-IN TIMER FEATURE. Simply Automated's SimplyBrilliant UPB Dimming Transceiver Switch Base with timer feature provides ultra-reliable control and timed off control of new and existing lighting fixtures, lamps, fans and other electrical devices. Each unit has one switch that controls a load of 1W minimum to 900W maximum, including LED fixtures. It can also transmit and receive lighting...

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Simply Automated URD-30-W Controlled Receptacle, White

List price: $94.95

4 new available from $94.12.

REMOTE CONTROL AND TIMED-OFF CONTROL OF APPLIANCES AND LIGHTING. Simply Automated's Controlled Relay Receptacle with Timer is a wire-in duplex receptacle designed to control 120VAC appliances, fan/pump motors and lights using lighting scene-link commands received over the powerline, or via economical remote switch. It delivers on/off control for appliances, fan/pump motors and lights. Installation...

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Simply Automated US11-40-W Custom Series Single Dimming Transceiver, White

List price: $74.95

3 new available from $73.97.

Simply Automated UPB Single Switch, 900W, white faceplate New features and benefits of the US11-40-W include: * Thermal switch - protects from overload * Smaller size - better fit in tight j-boxes * Blue and Green LED - matches model US2-40 for installation consistency...

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