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Sid Caesar Collection - The Magic of Live TV [VHS]

List price: $4.99

10 new, used & collectible available from $4.99.

One of the greatest comedians of early television, Sid Caesar hasn't had his work shown in perennial reruns, so it's especially gratifying to see a collection of his classic sketches released on video, with Caesar himself introducing the material. Besides being a truly gifted comic, Caesar benefited from having some brilliant supporting players, including Carl Reiner, Imogene Coca, and Nanette Fab...

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Great Dinosaur Hunt [VHS]

List price: $14.98

3 used available from $29.99.

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Wings Over Vietnam

Wings Over Vietnam takes you back for one of the most intense air campaigns ever waged. From "Flaming Dart" to "Rolling Thunder," the skies over Vietnam exploded with incredible air attacks while ground forces dug into the trenches. Be a part of history as American fighters take to the air. Experience supersonic dogfights between Russian supplied MIGs and the US's advanced F-4 Phantom "Wild Weasel...

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TR, The Story of Theodore Roosevelt (The American Experience)

6 used available from $4.36.

At the turn of the century, Theodore Roosevelt embodied America, the aggressiveness, it was all there, in him. Cowboy, soldier, explorer, scientist, a world authority on large mammals and small birds, the author of 36 books and 150,000 letters, he was president by the age of 42. Roosevelt's magnetic personality and genius for publicity made him a legend in his own time. TR, The Story of Theodore R...

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8 new, used & collectible available from $5.44.

Early on the morning of January 17th, 1991, President Bush unleashed the full power of the American air forces on Saddam Hussein's military machine. The objective: the liberation of Kuwait. Now you can explore these fighting jets in breathtaking detail! This exciting video puts you in the middle of the roar of the takeoff, multi-G acceleration, spectacular dogfights and surgically accurate bombin...

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Night Tulsa Burned [VHS]

List price: $24.95

By 1921, Tulsa's Greenwood area housed one of America's most affluent all-black communities, covering over 40 blocks with 15,000 residents. But on June 1, in one of our worst incidents of racial violence, white mobs set it on fire after an elevator operator accused a young black man of assault when he accidentally bumped into her....

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Magic Memories on Ice II: Golden Performances [VHS]

List price: $10.75

23 new & used available from $5.61.

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National Geographic's Braving Alaska [VHS]

List price: $17.77

10 new, used & collectible available from $12.87.

Imagine living hundreds of miles from your nearest neighbor, having groceries and mail delivered by airplane a few times each year, and battling long, harsh winters with temperatures that plummet to -51 C. Such are the living conditions chosen by the hearty few who inhabit America's last frontier: the Alaskan bush - a spectacular land of rivers and mountains so remote that many remain unnamed. Thr...

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Unknown Chaplin: Hidden Treasures (Volume 3) [VHS]

List price: $13.57

6 new & used available from $12.99.

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Vietnam - A Television History [VHS]

7 new & used available from $39.99.

An extraordinary, Emmy award-winning series about the people who masterminded this controversial war, and the Americans and Vietnamese who fought it. Includes 13 videos....

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