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Wings Collection [VHS]

1 used available from $19.99.

In this special Wings Collection, you'll meet the aces that waged aerial combat, the planes they flew and witness dramatic war footage from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War....

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The Wild West [VHS]

1 used available from $35.00.

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The American Experience - John Brown's Holy War [VHS]

List price: $17.99

4 new, used & collectible available from $17.99.

He led a righteous crusade against the evils of slavery yet used horrifying violence to carry out his mission. Martyr, madman, and murderer, John Brown was an extremist who was as controversial and misunderstood in the mid-1800s as he is today. His execution at Harper's Ferry sparked a chain of events that led to the Civil War. Hear his story and gain fresh insight into a unique figure in American...

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Ken Burns' America Collection (Brooklyn Bridge/The Statue of Liberty/Empire of the Air/The Congress/Thomas Hart Benton/Huey Long/The Shakers) [VHS]

List price: $45.99

9 new & used available from $13.92.

These seven brilliant programs by America's foremost documentary filmmaker comprise a glorious anthem to a great nation and its people. "Brooklyn Bridge" and "Statue of Liberty" chronicle the conception and building of these magnificent structures that grace New York Harbor. "Empire of the Air" is an absorbing history of radio and the men who created it, while "The Congress" is a fascinating portr...

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National Geographic's Land of the Tiger [VHS]

List price: $3.99

18 new, used & collectible available from $2.29.

Explore a strange and mysterious world. Explore the LAND OF THE TIGER. A rare and fascinating study of the enormous jungle cats, LAND OF THE TIGER features spectacular footage of tigers stalking their prey, caring for their young, swimming, playing...and fighting - as well as glimpses of the other animals with which the tiger shares his domains. Come as close as you dare to these wild cats in all ...

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Soul Soldier

1 new available from $199.89.

From the back of the box: "This film, set in post-Civil War America, follows the black troops of the 10th Cavalry as they guard the border between the United States and Mexico. A hazardous and dangerous detail brings these hardened soldiers fact to face with bandits, criminals and murderous deserters. It's a daily struggle to keep alive."...

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The Century-America's Time (Boxed Set) [VHS]

List price: $30.85

43 new, used & collectible available from $19.90.

Covering the entire 20th century in one video series is an ambitious project, but one that Peter Jennings and ABC News are up to. In The Century: America's Time, a 12-part documentary on six videotapes that is a companion to the book of the same name, Jennings guides us through a century of technology and advancement like no other. As he says in his introduction to episode 1, "Seeds of Change," "U...

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Gargoyles [VHS]

List price: $5.99

6 used available from $8.50.

Acclaimed 1972 telefilm in which an anthropologist mistakenly angers a group of living gargoyle-like creatures living in a cave in Mexico. Stan Winston's still-impressive monster designs contribute greatly to this creepy TV horror classic....

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Off the Menu - The Last Days of Chasen's [VHS]

The original Chasen’s restaurant served Hollywood royalty for over fifty years and this enticing documentary celebrates the restaurant’s glory days and the bittersweet moments leading up to its climactic final course. Paying tribute to this legendary hau...

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American Roots Music [VHS]

List price: $19.99

7 new & used available from $19.99.

American Roots Music is a four-part documentary. This landmark television program explores the development of uniquely American music genres during the 20th century. Each 1-hour episode features seminal historic footage and musical performances by the pioneers of American music and traces the cultural evolution that shaped and influenced our rich tapestry of music. Masters in the fields of Folk, C...

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