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Buried Alive II [VHS]

2 used available from $87.99.

Former Rental in Original Uncut Slip! *NOT ON DVD!* Rare, OOP, and HTF! Ships IMMEDIATELY via USPS!...

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Michael Jackson's Ghosts

3 new & used available from $22.23.

Asian only VCD (Video Compact Disc)pressing. Please note this is not playable on a compact disc player. Only playable on a DVD or DVD Computer Drive. The picture quality is more in-line with that of a VHS, only slightly better.Unavailable anywhere outside of Hong Kong!This is the 'King Of Pop's' 1997 short film (38 mins. +), produced to promote 'Blood on the Dance Floor', directed by special effec...

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The Invisible Maniac [VHS]

List price: $6.98

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Star Trek: The Movie Collection (6pc) [VHS]

List price: $39.99

22 new, used & collectible available from $19.44.

Star Trek: The Movie Collection (6pc) [VHS]...

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Elvira's Haunted Hills [VHS]

2 new & used available from $8.97.

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Deep Space [VHS]

6 new & used available from $123.00.

From the director of DINO WOLF and EVIL TOONS. Not on dvd. 1988. Cool special effects. Cameo by Julie Newmar....

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Wizards [VHS]

10 new, used & collectible available from $49.99.

The gifted imagination of master animator Ralph Bakshi triumphs in this futuristic fantasy that depicts a battle between magic and technology....

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The Stepfather [VHS]

List price: $14.99

8 used available from $10.88.

For Henry Morrison (Terry O'Quinn) the American Dream is everything - a beautiful home, a loving wife and adoring children. But him family disappointed him, so early one morning he killed them. No one caught him. He simply vanished...only to begin again....

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Pod People [VHS]

List price: $9.98

28 new, used & collectible available from $12.91.

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Dracula [VHS]

List price: $13.92

23 new, used & collectible available from $8.94.

In 1999, Universal commissioned Philip Glass to compose a new score for Tod Browning's landmark horror classic Dracula, a common enough practice for silent films but unheard of for sound pictures. In some respects, Dracula lends itself to th...

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